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Anyone who wants in to the gchat write-in, let me know and we'll loop you in!


Sooooo...anyone up for a last minute NFE write-in this Friday evening?




Yes, I know, I know. It's been since, what, 2013 since I posted?

I have reasons!

Once I returned from Down Under at around May and June of last year, I got super-duper distracted by a rather pesky (horrible) staph infection. Yeah, that I had apparently been suffering from for a loooong time (even while in Australia). My immunity was shot (which is why I got 2 colds in 4 months... 3 years since my previous one!) and I just felt crummy--bad skin, nausea, etc. And then I somehow aggravated the infection and, well, I blew up.

Well, not literally... but I had NO IDEA that there were that many lymph nodes in the human body. And how much pain that could cause.

Long, stupid story short: antibiotics suck, allergic to the one that *may* have helped me, severely underprescribed ones that did not work, but made me sicker, went to acupuncture (AMAZING), system got a bit overloaded in the meantime, developed food sensitivities out of no where, skin blew up more (ever have your entire face ooze? That was my Christmas vacation).

AND, my acupuncturist said "We're starting over!" and put me on the most amazing food cleanse that cleared out everything. ALL OF IT. And slowly, the original infection went completely away, no meds, just cleaned diet. No alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar for a month. I extended it to 5 months because I felt like it. Was it fun? No. But neither is fully body lymph pain.

Now? I'm better than I was before. Immunity is back up to par. I can now be around sick people and not get sick. Food sensitivities went away (yay tomatoes! yay spinach!) (except for corn... I learned that clogs my sinuses and makes my skin itchy) My skin is clearer than ever. Lost a handful of unexpected pounds with the cleanse, too, and kept them off! I'm finally HUMAN again after a good 18 months. It's like they say... food is medicine, and you are what you eat.

Anyway. That's my story. It sucked and now it doesn't suck anymore.


I had a wonderful Helen and Frank love story written for me: the future eyes us sideways by be_themoon.

And I also had a Madness story, too! Another Frank and Helen one! :D The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.

Please, go read these fantastic stories! I love me some Frank and Helen.

And then I wrote The Ambassador, which I, of course, made a part of my Dichotomy Universe. It appears my recipient went AWOL though... I hope someday they discover it and like it! The prompt that they gave me was RIGHT up my alley.

That being said, it's really just a small section of a story I have outlined out which is intended to be the sequel to the Big Bang story I wrote a few years back (which I am overhauling before I post on ff.net and AO3). But hopefully I can tackle that entire saga...eventually!

All for now...


Let's do it again!

Come join in on the NFE Write-In this week!


Hope to see some of you there!


Thanks to everyone who came to tonight's NFE Write-In!

We had a lot of gold stars, cheerleaders, and Word Wars. I'd say it was a success.

It looks like we're going to aim for another one next Friday, 8 PM EST. Perfect for those last minute changes, additions, and other edits!

Stay tuned for the chat room link next week. Hope to see you all there!


The NFE Write-In is now in progress!

Come join us!


See you there!




I'm further behind on my NFE that I'd like to be. I'm a bit behind since I took a two week hiatus on all things life related with a staph infection that I couldn't unfocus on. Yay.

So…anyone up for another good ol' fashioned write-in? I think I hosted one either for last year's NFE or BB… can't recall. I just remember that it was very, very effective.

Anyone else on board? Say, this Friday evening?



Well, this place could sure use a good dusting…considering I haven't posted in over 6 MONTHS.

But anyway.

G'day everyone!

As some of you know, I've spent the last couple of months residing in Australia on a much-needed escape/break/vacation/what-have-you. And then there were the months prior to that preparing for my trip, so needless to say, I have a lot to catch up on around these parts!

The trip was fantastic. I got a lot of "soul-searching" done (for lack of a better term) and saw some amazing things, met great people, and just generally got away. I got to reconnect with my former grad-school roommate (who I stayed with) and got to hone my previously non-existent nannying-skills with her toddler. I drank great wine, ate great food, got to swim on the other side of the Pacific, travelled in and around Sydney Harbor, and even got to cuddle a koala! I hope to post a few pictures and details in the near future…

On the writing front, I've accomplished nothing. BUT, I've got quite a lot of thinking in. And tons and tons and tons of reading (I've read about 75 books this year thus far, following a total of 150 in 2012). I'd like to think I'm practicing my skills by the "think method." (La-di la-di la-di la-di-da…la-di-da…la-di-da…)

I'm still out and about traveling in the midwest in and in California before I settle back down early next month. I'm hoping to catch up on lots of fic reading in the meantime, and will slowly starting to get to work on the edits of my last year's Big Bang. It's time.

And then, of course, the NFE which I am really, really looking forward to, of course!

In the meantime…how is everyone doing?! I've missed you all!



Man, long time no post. And I keep saying that with full intention to get back into the swing of things here on LJ and other places…hopefully I will this month.

November has been a pretty good month all around…a few paid gigs here and there which I am *very* grateful for. My reading has slowed down a bit, though, so I'm a bit behind on reaching my 150 books in 2012 goal. There's still time, though!

My mother came into town (leaving the rest of the family to deal with my brother's in-laws…suckers) and I went all out for a Thanksgiving meal for just the two of us. Which has left us with lots and lots and lots of leftovers. Oy. Though I only got a 10 lb. turkey, we've barely made a dent out of it. Plus, there's the fact whenever my mother is in town, she likes to eat out a lot as a treat. And I have some pretty great eateries around…

In the meantime, she's currently camped out on my couch with the Outlander novels in hand. I sent her two before she came and checked out the next three specifically for her visit. She reads exponentially faster than me and can churn one of those out per day. For those who have read these: I KNOW, RIGHT?! Craziness!

I did not sign up for the Big Bang this year. Even though I have a story on the back burner that could easily hit the 20K mark, I just can't justify it when I still have to do all the major edits for *last* year's Big Bang! I hope hope hope I have the motivation to tackle that thing during the holidays. Writing and fanfic in general just hasn't been on my mind these days. And there's so much to catch up on, I know!

Looks like my freezer is going to be stocked for awhile. And I'll to use up some of my old stock for new stock that I should make tomorrow or the next night.

December is going to be low key…I'm heading back to the midwest earlier than normal so I can see the midnight showing of the Hobbit there. And then 3 weeks in a crowded house…that's going to be a challenge. It's going to suck, too, now that my best friend/kitty is no longer with us. Holidays without pets just aren't that fun.

Not much else going on, really! I hope each and every one of you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend… and woohoo holiday season! It's the most wonderful time of the year! :D



Long time no LJ, everyone! I figured it's time to list my reasons/excuses/distractions.

1. The month of August, I was stuck in Outlander land. Being unemployed, I had hours and hours of free time (when not looking for work) to read. So I did. The entire series in about 3 weeks. It was cracktastic. And because I tend to have a one track mind, I was unable to focus on anything else—online "life", TV shows, etc. But boy am I glad I'm caught up on the series now… and I'm glad to not have been roped in without as many books as there are out now!

2. Speaking of unemployment… the great state of California had deemed me as unable to file for unemployment insurance in early August. Their reasons why? Because I'm too busy being "self-employed" and therefore not available to work 40 hours a week. I appealed, and let them know that I was NOT busy sitting around paying myself for sitting around in a swimming suit and reading 6 hours a day in 102 degree heat. I made the distinction between "self-employed" and "independent contractor" and let them know that there are thousands in my line of work who can pull unemployment, so why should it be an issue for me?

I sent the appeal off, fully preparing to get a court date to meet with them in person… and instead, a week later, I got a notice in the mail: "ooops, our bad, here has some $$$, lol."

I took it. Along with the back $$ that I missed out on while fighting the system.

3. And of course, as soon as it cooled down some and I got unemployment reinstated, that's when the work comes rolling back in! Or, at least, mostly. Though I've been kicking and screaming to leave the independent contractor world, it keeps dragging me in. I had an awesome 3 day gig pop up last week out of nowhere that was both fun and very well paying. Whew! And I made lots of connections, which is even better.

Now, here's how things work for me: I will never, ever get a job that I apply for. Jobs come to me. This has always bent the case, and the trend seems to continue. But, I can't just sit around and wait for the phone call, though… I still have to go after them, for my own sanity's sake (and the fact that the great state of California rightfully insists that I do).

I've been meeting with a friend on a near-weekly basis and together, we tackle the job hunt. She hates her job, I just want one. We also bounce creative ideas back and forth, eat good food, and laugh at youtube videos, but I digress. With our powers combined, we've been getting a lot accomplished on the job hunt, helping each other out on leads and such. Which leads me to…

4. I was up for a job. A really good one. Made it to the final stage of interviews. And you guessed it, I never applied for it to begin with—I applied to 6 positions with this company, but only a 7th one found my resume in the pool and went after me.

I did not get it, alas. And the reason being is that I sabotaged myself in the final interview. I was hesitant because it would have meant transplanting myself for a couple of months, being on my own on finding housing in only 3 weeks, work out transportation with said new job because I'm carless, and basically giving up all my time for the holidays. The interviewer sensed my wariness and called me out on it, and though overall the interview went really, really well, I know deep down that I took myself out of the running.

So, last week when I got the call, I was really, really upset. Not because I didn't get it, 'cause frankly, it's a relief not to have to worry about that stuff (and I do have some smaller gigs lined up in the next two months), but it's out of principle. I recognized a running trend I have with myself, and that's the self-sabotage through fear that has pretty much encompassed all areas of my life. A fear of change, I guess. I'm not sure, I'm still trying to figure it out.

5. Now THAT being said, there is a BIG change coming up. It's been in the making all summer long, but I can confirm that in March 2013, I'm taking off for a 3 month stint (at the least) in Brisvegas Brisbane, Australia! Woohoo!

My really good friend/former roommate in grad school moved down there 2 years ago with her husband, and they've been pressuring me to come down for awhile. And the time is just right that I need something new, big and challenging in my life. And it's a test to get over that self-sabotaging fear, too… so, I'm embracing this change BIG time.

6. Of course, there was the NFE… and I promise, I WILL get around to reading all the stories I missed. Like I said earlier… me and one my one track mind. It's been hard to get focused back on Narnia and such lately. The story I wrote did pretty well, I think. My recipient seemed to really like it, and that's what's most important! Because I was dealing with an OC, I knew it'd be a challenge to get anyone's interest, but despite that, I got some lovely feedback.

That's it in very, very large nutshell! And kinda explains why I've become an Outlander in LJ-land. Fall has kicked in to full gear… I'm still reading a lot and am unemployed this week, but I'm not in such a financial hardship as I was just a month or two ago. And most importantly, it's finally cooled off! The weekend heat waves of 100+ weather in the land that "needs no air-conditioning" are over. That's reason enough to celebrate…

Though it also means I'm going to have to start wearing real clothes again and do laundry and such. Ah well. I saved a lot in quarters the entire month of August.

And I've got a lot to catch up on LJ… I'd ask how you all are, but I'm sure the answers are all in the back pages of entries I've yet to read. Regardless, I hope you all ARE well!



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